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Division of the INOVIS Group


Rosswiesstr. 27, 8608 Bubikon

+41 (0)55 253 44 88

Computer Science / Internet / Databse Technology

Engineering, Trade/Distribution, Manufacturing, Service/Mntce

Floor stands, wall mounts, ceiling Mounts, touch screen mounts and video walls.

brief company introduction

TV-Stand is an industrial company dedicated to the development of products for the installation of audiovisual equipment with standard models in two ranges:

Home > Home Cinema Solutions

Professional > for public spaces; Meeting rooms; Etc.

We also develop and produce other solutions in furniture and support for various computer and multimedia devices.

In the production of Seristylu products several important aspects are taken into account, such as Safety-Effectiveness-Design.

The quality control guarantees the effectiveness of the products, good service and the resulting satisfaction, which we propose as the main objective. We are all sensitive to shapes and our decisions make a difference.

The furniture we propose gives a touch of quality and design to the decoration. The pieces, made of steel and brushed stainless steel, give it a high degree of strength and security without compromising elegance, which gives a special sophistication to the place where they are installed.

Preferred abroad, if they are well known and their quality recognized, then we are confident because These products meet and satisfy high standards.

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