INOVIS Live Automation Ltd. (Germany) - ILAD

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Limited Liability Company


Rathausstrasse 39, 86343 Königsbrunn 

+49 (0)8231 987 4966

+49 (0)8231 987 4965

Computer Science / Internet / Database Technology

Engineering, Trade/Distribution, Manufacturing, Service/Mntce

Display modules, Backpanels, CPU-Boards

brief company introduction

INOVIS Live Automation GmbH was founded in 2005 in Germany to gain a foothold in one of the largest markets in Europe. With founding of this company, German customers can also take advantage of a local service in  their own currency and without importing from Switzerland. Above all, the strong Swiss franc is another point that can be circumvented in this way and promises customers in the EURO currency area such more favorable conditions. Like its sister company ILAS in Switzerland, INOVIS Live Automation GmbH offers industrial computers, monitors and components. In addition to standard products, individual tailor-made solutions are also offered. Wherever special hardware and service requirements are placed, INOVIS is the right partner. The product range includes industrial PCs, box PCs, panel PCs, monitors, touch sensors, boards, industrial communication and associated components. In addition to products that can generally be used for industrial applications, INOVIS is also active in areas where special certifications are required, such as in medicine or transportation. The company has also achieved a good position in automation and mechanical engineering.


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