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Joint-Stock Company


Dorfplatz 3, 8832 Wollerau

+41 (0)44 576 65 66

Real estate - administration

Buy, sell and rental of real estate

Apartment, house, furnished residential property, parking, garage, office, commercial, and warehouse.

brief company introduction

Comsys real estate has decided to realize a SHOWROOM for modern and contemporary living with a focus on smart home and smart building. In order to be able to realize this modern but not quite cost-effective SHOWROOM, we are currently talking to various product manufacturers that fit this topic. At the same time, we are working on a concept with homepage appearance, brochures, etc. in order to attract the interest of architects, GU's as well as existing or expectant builders. Unfortunately, there are very few objects with this integration depth that are accessible and where an active inspection by the customers is possible – we will change this.

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