Evaluation and procurement

INOVIS selects the most appropriate components to the needs of your industrial computer, focusing on price, delivery, quality and especially long-term availability of all components. In the same way we like to build lasting relationships with our customers, we also pride ourselves on our successful and long term partnerships with our suppliers, and continue to strengthen them each year. Since 2002 we have our own office in Asia, which is responsible among other things for the contracting and quality control of the producers on site. Through these close contacts we receive information at an early stage regarding components life cycles we use in our products, and so can react in good time to scheduled component discontinuations. We select your components from an availability of hundreds of parts and provide years of availability for your industrial computers.


Punching, bending, powder coating, assembling

Our production facility is well equipped for everything from small to medium to large production runs (one thousand to ten thousand units per year). INOVIS is probably the only IPC manufacturer in Europe, which has brought together in 2015 the entire value chain in a single building, from punching, bending, welding, powder coating (or other surface treatment) to the assembly of electronic components in an ESD protected environment. Consistency in quality, and flexibility in production planning, make us an ideal extended workbench.


Testing and documentation

In addition to the production, the final testing of your industrial computer can be custom defined. Each industrial computer manufactured at INOVIS undergoes a 24 hour burn-in period, and all interfaces are tested as standard. Installation and final inspections are recorded and stored electronically together with the documentation for any subsequent upgrades and refurbishments. The journey of an INOVIS industrial computer can thus be traced over its entire service life.