We support you in exactly defining the specifications and indicating any industrial computer specific points in the design. For your information, we derive appropriate testing methods and the properties required for the serial product certificates. During this phase we also include feasibility studies on technology, price, and scheduling goals.



Once the system specifications are created, you've done most of your work. For us the foundation for a new industrial computer design is only starting. We construct the housing, create the production documents for the prototype and write the functional specifications for individual components. The BOM is created and every position is tested for availability and compatibility. Customization of standard components is defined with the suppliers. With the bill, we buy the material for the production of your first industrial computer. Assembly and testing is carried out according to documents prepared in advance and these processes are logged step by step. Exactly as in the development phase, we document our approach, and deliver associated documentation along with the.


Production stage

The last step in the production of your new industrial computer: the test in the target environment. Together with the results of the final testing and the experience of the assembly, we incorporate your own test results before serial production in our design. Depending on the complexity and scope of the series, it can be useful to perform endurance testing or a pilot series.