R&D Swisstec Ltd. (Switzerland) - STEC

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Limited Liability Company


Bahnhofstrasse 126, 8620 Wetzikon

Chemin des Oiseaux 10, 1084 Carrouge 

+41 21 544 15 70

+41 21 544 15 80


Computing / Internet / Database Technology

Engineering,Trade/Distribution, Manufacturing, Maintenance

Display Modules, Backpanels, CPU-Boards

Brief Company Introduction

The Company R&D Swisstec GmbH develops and manufactures industrial computers, panel PCs and operating systems according to specification. Customer-oriented development, in which the housing shape, components and connectors can determined by the customer down the smallest detail, is at the heart of the company. The company was founded in 1993, and following acquisition by the INOVIS Group 2010, its headquarters were moved to Wetzikon with a branch in Carrouge (VD) in 2015. The fact that flexibility is used for the benefit of the customers and that requirements are reliably met has been the strongest sales argument from the very beginning. Long-term supplier relationships are maintained with the market leaders in the respective industry. The close contact ensures insight into market developments and product news and opens access to favourable sources of supply.

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