Inobike Inc. (Switzerland) - IBIK

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Joint Share Company


Steigbreitestrasse 14, 8340 Hinwil 

+41 44 504 90 90

+41 44 504 90 91

Electric Bicycles, E Mobility, Folding Bicycles 

Consumer and Commercial

eFoldingbikes, eBikes, e-mobility solutions, folding bikes,

Brief Company Introduction

Inobike is importer of innovative electric vehicles of all kinds. The core business is the trade of e-bikes. The goal is to enrich the bicycle market in Switzerland with new, practical and high-quality bikes and electric bikes. The company Inobike deals with the last trends in the e-bike market. The focus is to keep the customers up to date with the latest developments and to cover their needs with the respective products. The online shop is intended to support dealers and partners in defying the principle ''inform at the dealer, buy on the Internet''. Through online marketing as well as through participation in events or word-of-mouth advertising, customers are to be made aware of dealers and partners. Long-term partnerships and a name as a reliable, innovative distributor are aimed for. Through the dealer section and the user-friendly locator, the customer can easily find the dealer nearest to him and can thus buy his e-bike with expert advice.

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