Comsys Inc. (Switzerland) - CSYS

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Joint Stock Company


Rosswiesstr. 27, 8608 Bubikon 

+41 43 411 30 50

+41 43 411 30 51

Computing / Internet / Database Technology

Engineering, Trade/Distribution, Manufacturing, Maintenance

Display Modules, Backpanels, CPU-Boards

Brief Company Introduction

Comsys AG develops and manufactures industrial computers, panel PC and operating systems to custom specifications. A customer-oriented development process is at the heart of our company. This allows our customers influence the smallest detail, of each component, connector, and even housing of their solutions. The company was founded in 1989. Since 1993 headquartered in Bachenbülach. Following the acquisition in April 2014 by the INOVIS Group, the headquarters were moved to Bubikon in 2015 accordingly.


Design flexibility for our customers, and consistently delivering to their exact specifications with reliable solutions has been the secret to our success from day one. We maintain deep long term relationships with the market leading suppliers in this industry. This close contact ensures the best insight into market developments, trends, and product news, along with access to low cost supply of the components both we and our customers need.

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